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Snap, Print, Pose: Zeta Tau Alpha Parent's Weekend!

The XSIV Entertainment photo booth team had the honor of bringing some extra entertainment to Zeta Tau Alpha's Parent's Weekend! And let me tell you, it was fun, fabulous, and full of photo perfect moments.

ZTA chose our Diamond Photo Booth package, that comes complete with instant onsite printing.

Sorority members and their families got to enjoy the booth and take their photos with them, hot off the printer! Of course we also set out our high quality props for even more photo fun.

Check out a few photos from the booth gallery:

Let's talk about why photo booths (especially ours, not that we’re bragging 😉) are the unsung heroes of any event. Whether it's a heartfelt reunion or a wild weekend bash, there's something about stepping in front of the camera with your favorite people that just feels like the heart of the party.

Why is a photo booth an absolute MUST HAVE at every event?

  1. Instant Keepsakes: Nothing says "Thanks for coming!" like a printed photo from the evening that’s been as awesome as the company.

  2. Striking Poses, Limitless Fun: From the shy, coy smiles to the bold and outright hilarious props, photo booths bring out the most authentic joy and the goofiest sides of all of us.

  3. Zero Hassle Entertainment: Our team sets up, operates, tidies, and packs away the booth so our clients don't have to lift a finger.

Back to Zeta Tau Alpha’s evening of evenings - the house was buzzing with laughter, mingling, and the whirl of our 11 second photo printer working in overdrive. Parents proudly stood arm-in-arm with their daughters, friends leaned in close for the perfect group shot, and every printout was a story captured in vivid colors.

Wrapping up, we just want to throw a massive shoutout to Zeta Tau Alpha for inviting us to be a part of this year's Parent's Weekend. Events like these are a reminder of why we do what we do.

So, are you throwing a party, organizing a reunion, or planning an event where people's spirits and smiles light up the room?

Don’t think twice. A photo booth is a must-have, and we’ve got you covered. With every snap, print, and giggle, we’re here to help make your event a truly epic experience!


Lisa Wampler

P.S. Ready to make unforgettable memories? Fill out the Contact Us form on our website, and let's start planning together!


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